SRU-Systems offers both software and IT-infrastructure development services.

Software Development

Our software development life cycle follows the phases described below.

  • Assess the Idea. In the initial phase of a potential project, we assess the feasibility of your ideas and identify the project's scope of work. Generally, a document outlining the high-level description of the project will be produced during this phase.

  • Gather Requirements. After your ideas have been outlined, we will begin gathering your requirements and desired deliverables. During this phase, we will develop a list of SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-related) requirements which will be prioritized by business importance.

  • Design Software. In this phase, we will design every aspect of your software architecture, from high-level structure, all the way down to the data type level. After you sign-off on our design, you will receive the design documents.

  • Build and Test Code. During development, we iterate between building and testing our code. Constant software testing allows us to ensure that our code adheres to the specified design and allows us to quickly resolve any potential issues. Once the finished code has been accepted, we will deliver the source code and the associated documentation to you.

  • Deploy Software. In addition to software development, some clients engage us to deploy their custom software. In this optional phase, we draft a deployment plan. Once the plan is approved, we will set up the software and put it into production, allowing you to begin using it immediately.

  • Support and Maintain. We offer all customers a subscription-based service for technical support after development and deployment is complete. Please note that changes to the software requested after completion of development are not covered under software maintenance and will be handled as new projects.

Most software development phases are billed on a per-hour basis with a sign-off bonus. Please contact us for pricing details.

IT-Infrastructure Solutions

Our IT-infrastructure development life cycle follows the phases described below.

  • Gather requirements. During this initial phase of the project, we will identify your requirements based on the needs of the software design, your current equipment, and any other requirements you deem necessary. These requirements will then be organized into a list of SMART requirements.

  • Design Solution. After the requirements have been identified, we will begin work on a design consisting of hardware listings, network layouts, operating system and application descriptions, disaster recovery plans, and more. After the design has been approved, you will receive the design documents.

  • Install Hardware and Software. In this phase, we will install and configure all hardware and software. You will receive all configuration documentation that we create during this process.

  • Deploy Hardware and Software. Once our deployment plan is drafted and approved, we will deploy your new IT-infrastructure.

All IT-infrastructure development phases are charged on a per-hour basis. Please contact us for pricing details.